Boxing Bandage ADIDAS adiBP03 Red 

  • Brand: ADIDAS 
  • Color: Red 
  • Width: 5CM 
  • Length: 3.55 MT 
  • Product ID: adiBP03 
  • Packaging: Sold as 1 Pair. 
  • Special Woven Cotton Bandage. 
  • The flexibility in the fabric has features that will not complicate the blood movements in the capillaries. 
  • While the bandage is wrapped around the hand, it is recommended not to over tighten. 
  • Velcro with attachment and fastening features are mounted on the end.

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Boxing Bandage ADIDAS adiBP03 Red

  • Brand: ADIDAS
  • Product Code: 000194
  • Availability: OUT OF STOCK

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