Skateboard Axle OXELO Truck 

  • Brand: OXELO 
  • Model: Truck 
  • There are two metal (usually aluminum alloy) axles that connect the wheels with the board attached to the board. 
  • Axles have two parts. 
  • The part that is screwed to the top board is called the baseplate, while the rest is called the hanger. 
  • Between the baseplate and the hanger there are bushings, rubber parts or grommets. 
  • These parts allow the mechanism to operate when the skateboard needs to turn. 
  • Bushings act as cushions during turning to the axle. 
  • The tighter and harder the bushings are, the more stable the skateboard will be. 
  • The softer the bushings, the easier it is for the skateboard to turn left and right. 
  • A large screw called a kingpin holds these parts together and fits perfectly with the inside of the bushings. 
  • As a result of tightening and loosening the nut of the kingpin, the rotation ability of the axles slip-beech is adjusted.

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Skateboard Axle OXELO TRUCK

  • Brand: OXELO
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