• Brand: CYCLONE
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Thanks to the classic cut, it is suitable for judo, ju-jitsu and aikido.
  • Reinforced fabric in friction areas: neck, elbow, shoulder and knee.
  • Specially woven, 680 gr/m² cotton white fabric uppers, trousers and skirts (±3%) 350 gr/m² cort fabric are used and reinforced seam tops.
  • Jacket: Special patterned woven fabrics made of super openet cotton yarns, suitable for holding and gripping at the required frequency, are treated to provide minimum shrinkage.
  • (±3%) It is produced from optical white fabrics in accordance with TSEK standards, weighing 680 gr/m².
  • It has been put into service after being tried in our dojos.
  • There are reinforcements from its own fabric on the back, front, chest and sleeves of the jackets. Skirts are assembled from trouser fabric.
  • The inside seams (fabric seams) of our dresses are covered with special woven cotton strips.
  • Collars are fullness suitable for holding and grasping. 350 gr/m² ISO: 9002 cort fabric was used in the trousers (±3%).
  • According to the size of the knee parts of the legs: 25x29, 27x32 cm. 200 gr/m² fiber reinforcements are used between its own fabric.
  • To fit the waist, 6 cm wide rubber + fly pad is used.
  • (± 5) It can be washed with soapy and detergent water in TS standards at 35º.

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Judo Dress CYCLONE Olympic JUDOGI 160cm

  • Brand: CYCLONE
  • Product Code: 000215
  • SKU: CY000215
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  • ₺ 1,693.00

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