Resistance Band USR Super Micro 8x64cm Solid Yellow 

  • Description: Hip Band 
  • Brand: USR 
  • Width: 8cm 
  • Length: 64cm 
  • Color: Yellow 
  • Material: 100% natural rubber in woven fabric. 
  • Firmness: Tough, ideal for use on the ankle. 
  • Feature: There are 2 strips of rubber on the inside of the tire to prevent it from slipping off the leg. It does not slip or bend during exercise. Thanks to its 64 cm length, you can do stance, lunge, jumping jack, etc. by attaching it to your ankle. suitable for movements. 

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Resistance Band USR Super Micro 8x64cm Solid Yellow

  • Brand: USR-SPOR
  • Product Code: 000329
  • Availability: OUT OF STOCK

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